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Bait Fishing For BIG Winter Pike.

Bait Fishing For BIG Winter Pike.

As you can see It is it’s still wintertime in Kenora. And that means they’re still ice fishing to be done I’m heading out this afternoon with my buddy Darcy Cox. You’ve seen my past videos He’s a multi-species and Larry’s a muskie guide here on Lake of the Woods.

And as well as a muskie guru He knows a thing or two about big pike. So we’re going ice fishing tip up fishing for pike Typically march/april is kind of primetime for pike through the ice But we’re gonna see if the pike are starting to move to the back of the bays We’re gonna be soaking some big baits We’re gonna hopefully I’m gonna try to set the Auk of you and see if we can get some underwater strikes So that’s the goal but before we get going on you tell you guys today’s video is sponsored by fish brain, and if you have not heard about Fish brain you’ve been living under a rock because fish brain is the number one Rated fishing app on iOS and Android it is free to download and it has a bunch of different features Basically it is it’s kinda like Instagram for fishermen It’s just fish for someone like me when I flip through Instagram pretty much all I want to see his fish pictures So fish brain is just that and and there’s so many more layers to it when you post a fish picture You can choose to share the lure You caught it with the time of day the lake the specific spot on the leg You can share as much info or as little infos you want.

So for an angler who’s Traveling around in a new area. It’s a great resource to to get started as well It’s a great way to network with other anglers when I got into fishing The message boards were thing the forums This is before Facebook was the thing and that’s where I connected with some of my best buddies.

That’s where I met Aaron weed through the fishing message boards and now With fish brain you can do the same thing You can find you know, like-minded anglers in your area find yourself fishing buddy. So you don’t they go by yourself That is another cool aspect of it There’s a built-in weather app that follows you where you’re at and it gives you even the wind hour-by-hour in your area So just to have every thing that you need for fishing in one location in one app is pretty sweet Make sure you follow me on there.

I’ll follow you back. I’ve been posting some of my catches and It’s just a good place for anglers to connect. So there’s a download link below it is free to download there’s a premium version that gives you a couple more features gives you the exact spots where People have caught their fish if they decide to share that info and I highly recommend checking it out So thank you to fish brain.

I’m gonna hit the road and go pick up Darcy and we’re hopefully a nice and big pike Ladies and gentlemen, we were back On the grind with Darcy. He’s my good luck charm And last time we had that was my best ice fishing trip of the winter.

We’ve been coffees not mine I do that all the time Derek. She does it all the time today We are something a little more in Darcy’s wheelhouse. We’re going for big e socks big northern pike it’s uh It’s getting close to March but it doesn’t feel like March March is prime time for big Pike It’s when the lakes start to lose that Covering of snow on top the pike start to push up to the creeks and we’re fishing at Creek Mall today But it’s it’s not feeling like that is a couple feet of snow so if not feeling to prime time right now, but We’ll give it a shot.

See if they’re chilling here. They should be here. They should be here still. We’ll see what’s up All right tip up spike. Darcy says I’m gonna drill the hole today. Yes. I don’t know why but I will because I’m lazy You can’t run your body hurts I’ll give you the first one Because I like you With the big ones too.

So what’s your strategy right now Darcy? There she’s on for a spike of the day Kneel down buddy get in here Well, that’s a good head Start You know, we’re gonna catch you any yep First couple around that’s all right That’s all right She’s been caught before That tall flag was pretty nice to see ya know Dodie.

Show me one more time right nice. That’ll do for the first one Right back down Gun Sweet. Hey buddy, or someone who has never used a Tip-up before explaining what a tip of even is because it’s a foreign object or friends down south.

So this is a tip up Really easy unit. It’s just got a spool on the bottom rod that goes up to the top that spins up here So when the fish takes it you lock these guys in place like this when the fish takes it boom flag goes up run over put it to the side and Once he’s going away from you.

You want to stop them dead, you know, you don’t want to go too crazy Give it a nice hook set and reel them hand over hand with the line and boom. That’s it. Number one We don’t even have our tip upset yet.

So right Something to keep in mind when you’re too far fishing today isn’t a windy day when it’s a windy day line management is something you want to think about because you don’t have drag so when you’re using a tip up, however you lay that line of that fish decides to take a run and you give it the attention with your fingers you Need to let that line go So if you make a big mess a big pile and it’s windy It’ll end up turning into a big knot might end up breaking off.

So just think about how you’re laying your line Well show you guys the rig we’re using it’s called a quick strike rig, but for now there she’s gonna put the bait back down and We’re gonna go back to the sled and for last line in but good start just some Mid-february pikin.

I wish you guys could experience how deep the snow is. This is Special User command station right now bit of a mess, but This is something we’ll talk about a little bit. It’s called the I fish Pro. It’s It’s kind of a new-age tip up basically allows you to use your rod and here we got the Aqua view You can see our bait sitting down there.

So hopefully we’re gonna get a strike got the recording set up over there and We’re hoping to see a Pike flip that flag Darhk’s this one’s yours Flag number two still haven’t gotten our fourth line in yet the shallowest hole with the most action Folks came off there Darcy Still got the bass.

No All right gross you’re fixing that one Where we get too many more fish going on I wanna show you guys what we’re using like Darcy explained before a tip up is a very basic rig They’re inexpensive. You can get cheap ones for about 15 bucks some of these More expensive ones forty to fifty dollars.

It’s tough to beat a Big hunk of meat for a big pike. You can jig lures. You’ll get big fish but a big Saucy mama, like this is gonna catch you your biggest fish pike Have a very strong sense of smell They want a big meal and this is a Cisco that I caught crappie fishing earlier this year And this is Pike candy right here.

The rig were using is called a quick strike rig There’s a couple different ways to make them This one is essentially a piece of wire with two treble hooks along The back is crimped in the one in the middle is free sliding.

This one dressed pretty horizontal, which is good. Nice natural Presentation we’re gonna set it up. We’re fishing anywhere from 9 feet to 2 feet of water under the eye so pretty shallow. I was surprised that both of our flags have came in the shallows tool because it’s Just typically the trend for pike is they’re moving shallower and they’re getting ready to set up in that Creek for spawning in the springtime So you would think now being February to be a little deeper both of our flags have come in the shallows tole tells you I don’t know anything but Two flags a good sign we’ve only been fishing for about an hour It’s getting close to March which is prime time for big pike So there’s an alternative to the tip hop that’s called the I fish Pro So made in Minnesota five buddy, mine Levi We’ve used these before and uncut angling for a little bit of everything.

But today reasonable for pike Basically, this allows you to use your rod while you’re fishing. It’s kind of cool to battle the fish on run real the biggest downside about these is If you’re fishing in a wicked cold weather they do freeze pretty bad.

They don’t have the same insulation So this is the bobber stop here This plastic piece comes with the I fish Pro and then this is a bobber stuff. I tie it on It’s just a piece of line. So that’s gonna that’s right mark my depth Now I’m gonna slide it on here Slide it over the hole This is where the magic happens.

You fold the flag down And you lock it and that’s where my line is same mechanics It’s gonna pull sideways that plates gonna pop off and that clip falls off. So very similar and then fears What makes the I fish Pro awesome is we’re using a rod and reel with it So you don’t have to do the same hand-to-hand combat Put the rod In the rod holder when that fish pulls it I got the bail open, which is important if you own the bail open You’re gonna be in trouble And then I’m gonna pick it up close the bail and fight that fish with rod and reel so cool alternative Yeah, we got two tip-ups two.

I fish pros. Oh, we’re allowed two lines each so always take advantage of that and We’re gonna go watch the underwater camera and see if we can watch that pike. Eat the bait. Oh, Jeez Okay, I was trying to test out this sonar and My bait just got picked up wasn’t even in the tip up It hasn’t swam the last thing so when you’re setting the hook on a fish with all these big baits You want to wait till you swimming because he can’t otherwise just be sitting there.

You can see he’s taking line now So you want to be swimming away? Because then you know when you set the hook, you’re gonna rip them into the back You might have dropped it Nice there we go. We are hooked up.

I don’t think it’s big but fighting a pike on the rod is pretty awesome It’s kind of just oh, okay, maybe not maybe not Wait, yeah Hand-to-hand combat. What do we got? We got a little Gator thought was biggest Darcy’s but hey It’s good to be on the board that fish got me in the weeds a nice-sized pike right there folks Good Jay sighs Pike.

That is the G size pike. All right long pliers ki little blood on this fish So we’re gonna get him back real quick if I was eating pike That would be a good size to eat for a little Pike stir-fry She’s actually got a pretty I think she’s been chomped by something.

Very good. Good bite mark And she gone there we go to Pike on the board for an afternoon effort. I’m happy that so far I’m looking forward to capturing under water strike yet We don’t care After our baby underwater Underwater board that plank it’s been on fire.

I open doesn’t get tangled into that neurotic camera Oh Come on can you kneel down low? No, he’s still there. He’s still there. He’s still there. Oh She’s still there Darcy she’s still there Oh Oh man brutal darn Guys, this is the hole that we moved the underwater camera to three of our four fish or bites have come at this hole We’re gonna review the footage.

Oh man All right. Now look geese when you set the hook. Yeah, it’s taught me pretty good Okay, another flag how is moving tip-ups We’re rolling there they go so Darren see just crawling right now now I’m going out of breath They just beat her a little bit Nicer so you can whenever you need to yep, we’re good to go.

She’s cruising Yeah Gone, let’s see some fantastic footage Oh though of a fish. That’s the same size as the bait This is making me feel sort of shape So what we’re doing right now nice thing about tip ups is you can spread them pretty far apart I think it’s I think it’s 60 yards in Ontario.

We’re not even close to that The nice thing is you make your spread and you can see which flags are going up You can experiment depths because we’d some in ten feet some in two feet. Now. We’ve seen the shallower ones We’re going up the most so that’s where we’re moving the flags and trying to put all the tip ups in high percentage areas That’s how we want the bait looking horizontal Shimmering you can see how that just glows in that dark water Here we go, oh, oh boy, here we go This is the tip up.

We just moved that got some weight. Oh, no no Darcy again He’s falling off no What are we good Come on big head We’ll take it Not bad, that’s long. Yeah skinny, but long Sweet in the weeds as you can see.

This is the shower stall yet for the release Sounds fun. Nice. Well hasn’t been fast and furious, but For February pike fishing. Yeah, not bad at all. So That last fish was kind of cool because that’s what we were speaking about is Watching your flags and seeing where the fish are coming from.

We realized the fish are coming from our shallows holes We moved our deepest tip up to the shallower spot and caught another fish so very good as it is you might be able to tell darson are kind of spoiled with pike fishing we have Darcy still guides I used to guide and You catch.

I don’t know I would say benchmark is more So 40 inches right 40 inches is just a mark that people have in their head for big pike like trophy and Manitoba is 41 inches of Master Angler length, and you get that number in your head and it can actually kind of ruin fishing sometimes like there’s times where I guided where a kid didn’t know that 40 was the number and He caught a 35 inch Pike and it was the greatest thing ever and I’ve also guided where people had that 40 inch number stuck in their head and it absolutely ruined the fish for them because it was 39 inches Remember that at the end of the day the numbers do not matter.

It is about catching fish if that is your biggest fish enjoy it because If you fish as much as Darcy now, you will become jaded eventually, but no, it’s it’s good Enjoy every fish We got about an hour left and then we’re gonna call it a day But for a half day pike fishings nothing wrong with that And by the way, Darcy is now guiding for average highs Pike’s in the winter time.

1-800 advertised Pike’s calm We’re calling today. What do you think Darcy? Yeah, buddy Couple ago a couple average-sized pikes. Yes. Yes, not bad for a couple hours middle of February Exactly it is it is not prime time for pike yet you want when that snow is almost off the ice It is very far from that right now, but awesome day inside the country Darcy Cox multi-species guide hit them up if you want to fish in the core area and That’s a wrap.

See you next time. Thanks for watching


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