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Bait Clicker Or Line Alarm Uses For Catfishing [Catfishing Quick Tips #8]

Bait Clicker Or Line Alarm Uses For Catfishing [Catfishing Quick Tips #8]

hey this Chad Ferguson learn to catch catfish calm with this week’s catfishing quick tip this week’s quick tip is about bait clickers or line alarms on fishing reels most reels that you use for catfish are going to have this function if they don’t you should definitely look at these kind of reels I prefer the Abu Garcia 6000 series 6500 c3 is going to be my preferred reel and this bait clicker or a line alarm function on the reel is controlled by this little switch here on the left-hand side the placement of these switches may be in a variety of different locations they’re generally all on the left hand side of a right handed fishing reel and what happens when I turn that bait clicker on or engage that bait clicker and I push the button down on the reel like I was going to cast if it allows that reel to move in free spool when you pull on the line or when a fish runs with it you have a loud clicking noise so what that allows me to do is whenever I’m fishing using a slip sinker rig a santi rig so the weight can move up and down the fishing line the fish feels very little resistance it doesn’t get any resistance from the fishing reel and I can fish with multiple fishing rods and a half and alert whenever I’m getting a bite you hear that noise whenever a fish goes running with it really get your blood boiling if you don’t have a fishing reel with a bait clicker or a lion alarm on it you should definitely check out getting one and that’s how you use the bait clicker function on a fishing reel you’re going to turn the clicker on and you’re going to disengage the reel with the button pushed in like you were going to cast and allow the fish to run with the bait and the fishing line again that’s how you use a bait clicker or a line alarm fishing reel to get more catfishing tips tricks and information go to learn to catch catfish calm


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