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9.65 inch/ 245mm The Longest Titanium Long Handled Spork & Titanium Long Handled Spoon | Long Spork & Long Spoon Bowl is Polished to Give Mouth a Nice Smooth Feel, Comes with Waterproof Cloth Case


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(as of Dec 03,2020 11:06:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description


LONGER Handle, BIGGER Polished Bowl With a WATERPROOF Case. This is a Long Spork with a Difference!!!

You like to Buy a High-Quality Long Handle Spork and if you already got one, you are Not happy with your existing Long Spork

You find other Long Spork are an inch or two small and don’t reach the bottom of the freeze dried food bags. It’s not helping you while you cook the food outdoor in bigger larger pots. The Polished Bowl of the Long Spork isn’t wide enough to hold enough food. They don’t come with a case and even if some does provide a case, they are NOT made of strong high-quality material and after few months the cloth case is either thrown away or doesn’t stop the dust which contaminates the Spork.
So we decided to work with our engineer and designed a Spork which looks similar to others but it has solved most of the problems people complain about or encountered finessCity Long Handle Spork is 9.65 inches / 245 mm long, almost 1.5 inches longer than others. This will help you to reach the bottom of your Dehydrated Food Bags without making your hands dirty Now with a longer handle, it’s easier to use it in larger pots without burning your fingers. We have made the Polished Bowl bit Bigger in size so that it can hold enough food for a normal bite What about the Case, we have made it Waterproof. So not just your Spork is away from dust & contamination, it is safe in rain season as well in all those outdoor trips.

Your Very Own finessCity Premium Titanium Spork With Case

Our Long Spork comes with Premium Quality Lined Draw String Strong Cloth Case. They keep your Spork safe and away from all the soil and impurity.

Outdoor Spoon and Spork!!!

We have not just made new Long Spork, there is also a long Spork with the same length and size. Why not try that as well. Also

We all like to give something back to the environment, these finessCity Titanium Long Handle Spork save some trees Once you have them, you aren’t going to buy another outdoor Spoon or Spork.
We are finest in Titanium Products so why not try our other Titanium Outdoor / Indoor merchandise.

Why We Stand Out from Others

treat each of our customer with same respect to ensure they are happy with the transaction with finessCity.
follow up on every order with customers to make sure their shopping with us is a++.

Lightweight as Feather
Strong & Corrosion Resistant We are the Finest in Titanium Products

It’s Low & High Temperature Resistant
Healthy & Good Heating
Dishwasher Safe

✔ LONGER HANDLE TO REACH DEEP END OF BAG OR COOKWARE: finessCity Long Handled Spork is an Extra Long Spork with 9.65 inch length that is 1inch LONGER THAN ANY OTHER Large Spork available here. The longer length makes it easier to reach to the bottom of your freeze dried food bag. Also you won’t burn your hand or finger while using them as an stirring utensil while cooking the food on your Outdoor Trip due to it’s length. These feature makes its better choice than any other Metal spork
✔ BIGGER POLISHED BOWL WITH MATTE FINISH HANDLE: The polished bowl of Ti Spork is bigger than other camp cooking utensils to give mouth a very nice smooth feel whereas the Matt Handle Finish makes a solid holding for that perfect grip. Each of these Camp Spork is 0.85 oz/ 24.1 gm in weight. The length of Spork Titanium utensil is 9.65′ / 245mm & Polished Bowl is 1.57′ / 39.9 mm wide. They are better than Folding Spork or Stainless Steel spork due to their weight, length & bowl size
✔WATERPROOF CASE MAKE IT PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & OUTDOOR USE: This Eco Friendly sporks is very easy to use & handle & as they comes with a Washable Premium Quality Waterproof Cloth Case it keep them dry & safe on those rainy trip, away from dust and contamination. It’s not just good for Camping But as it’s lightweight you can easily carry during Hiking, Trekking & Bushcraft. It’s a must have Sporks for any Backpacking Kit while eating from dehydrated meals pack or making food in bigger pots
✔ WATERPROOF CLOTH CASE: 5 Travel Utensils pieces are made of pure Titanium, they are durable & last really very long, so no need to buy another Camping Cutlery set set for years. The case keep them safe & away from water, dust & contamination. They are resistant to Acid, Alkali & Never Rust. You won’t find a Backpacking Utensils or a Travel Silverware Set stronger than the one made out of Titanium. They work perfectly as Travel Cutlery Sets & can be used for eating takeaway food at home
✔ NO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products are made out of 100% Titanium, so rest assured on the life of this Travel Spork. This Backpacking Spork will last for years and on top of that if you don’t like the product (which will be highly unlikely) don’t worry we will refund it even after Amazon provided 30 days policy. You’re protected by our 180-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service


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