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4K UHD Underwater Drone with FPV Headset for Real Time Transmission 12.4 mpix White.


Price: $5,215.87
(as of Oct 26,2020 13:17:34 UTC – Details)

Underwater Videography

The AHELT-J will allow you to explore a new world under the surface without even getting wet! Our 4K video and 12-mega pixel camera allow you to capture beautiful cinematic scenes as you dive below the surface.

Fishing Visualization

Ever wonder what it looks like when a fish takes your bait? Now you can visualize it in real time and get to learn fish behaviors with the AHELT-J.

Boat Inspection

Keeping your boat in tip top shape is really important. The AHELT-J provides a first-hand look at any boat from beneath the surface. Need to check your prop’s, hull or mooring lines, the AHELT-J can do all of this and more. No need to hire a diver again when you have the AHELT-J.

Treasure Hunting

Have you ever dreamt of fining hidden treasure or wanted to explore around a sunken ship? With the AHELT-J you can do both. With a range of up to 230 ft and diving capabilities of 98ft the treasures of the world are waiting for you!

Commercial Inspection

The AHELT-J has many uses and one of the biggest would have to be commercial inspections. From piers to drain pipes this amazing ROV tool can help any professional who does work from beneath the surface. With tons of use cases and a product that is reliable and easy to use, the AHELT-J is the perfect work companion.
Innovative underwater drone designed for everyone who wants to explore the underwater world, Whether it be for professional or recreational purposes.
Deep dive – The power Ray can dive as deep as 98 feet underwater. The AHELT-J base station has a 230ft long waterproof tether connected to the vehicle.
Camera – The fully integrated 4K UHD camera shoots 12MP Still Photos; burst mode shoots up to 5 frames per second.
Equipped with a 64GB SD card. Depth range – 80m. Casting range – 100m.
Advanced technology for AHELT-J wizard only – (1) use the power Seeker fish finder Sonar and magnetic bait drop to locate and place bait at any desired position. (2) the AHELT-J edition of VR goggles offer you a brand new underwater experience in immersed first person view.


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