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4″ Lifelike Fishing Lures | Free Tackle Box Included | Pack of 3 Bionic Bass Swimbaits | Multi Jointed Lures | Saltwater | Freshwater | Fishing Bait | Bass Lures | Bass Fishing Gear | Fishing Kit


Price: $14.98
(as of Oct 22,2020 20:38:52 UTC – Details)

THE 7 SEGMENTED LURES provide for swimming action that simulates a live fish. The lures come in a pack of 3 with a free TACKLE BOX included, specially fit for the lures. The lures have two strong and durable BLACK NICKEL TREBLE HOOKS. The STEEL VIBRATION BALL inside the lure emits a sound to attract more fish to it. The lures are 4″ long and about 1.4″ tall. The tackle box they come in is about 4.5″ X 4.5″ X 0.625″. The color of the lures in the photo will be the colors that are received in each box. The three lures will each be a different color, so no colors will be put in a box twice. The lures are great for catching bass, but they also catch many other types of fish. Some examples include trout, walleye, and yellow perch. The lures can be used in freshwater and saltwater. They are great for fishing in streams, lakes, and rivers. Get them now while they are still in “stock.” Specs: Lure Length: 4″ Lure Height: 1.4″ Lure Thickness: 0.5″ Box Length: 4.5″ Box Width: 4.5″ Box Height: 5/8″

MULTI JOINTED LURES – The lures have 7 segments. This allows for swimming action that simulates a real fish. The segments are connected by a flexible and durable material that allows the lure to swim in an “S” shape.
3 LURES INCLUDED – This product comes with three high quality lures that fit perfectly into their custom tackle box. The pack of three provides for a great value!
TACKLE BOX INCLUDED – The custom tackle box is specially designed to fit the lures inside. It has separations to keep the lures from tangling. The box is made with a high quality plastic that protects the lures from damage during travel. The compact size allows for an easily transportable fishing experience.
BLACK NICKEL TREBLE HOOKS – The lures have two black nickel treble hooks that will grab onto the fish and won’t let go. They are extremely sharp so be careful!
STEEL VIBRATION BALL – The lures have a steel vibration ball that emits a sound to attract fish to the lure. This feature makes for a great lure that attracts many fish.


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