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3 Simple Options for Choosing a Switch Rod and Line System

3 Simple Options for Choosing a Switch Rod and Line System

I am joking Reds fly shop I want to make make purchasing a switch rod reel and line system for red supply shops super easy for it there’s so much confusion out there that the consumer when they’re shopping for these rods they have a tough time deciding what line to get what’s sink tips to get what leaders to get oh my gosh there’s some indecision even drives me crazy at time we call it SLC switch line confusion but I’m going to make that simple for you today so instead of talking about specific line models and asking you to memorize things we’re to talk about what your priorities are when you’re getting yourself a switch rod the first question you need to ask yourself is where am I going to use it what’s going to be my priority we have three options for you and this applies to all the switch rod setups that we sell a Reds these are all set up with lines reels rods backing ready to go just add water the first option the turn most popular is called our utility setup so our utility setup it’s really simple it’s a line system that goes on whatever switch rod you decide to purchase it does a little bit of everything it’ll spay cast and shoot line it will cast a pretty big fly across the river with some given skill it’ll indicate or nymph even a little bit it’s not the best for all situations but it’ll do a little bit of everything it doesn’t quite well what we like is a real switch chucker fly line we put that on the reel for you does little of everything that’s all you need to know and a real motive just one ten-foot sinking tip allows you to do some swing fishing some stream or fishing and you can even tie an indicator system on here the downsides in short are the running line doesn’t shoot like monofilament running line it’s just a regular fly line spin on the back end shoot bat shooting hit on the front so it doesn’t shoot quite like the next system I want to talk about and it’s kind of a short head so when you mend and you fish an indicator you have some distance as well but that’s the switch sucker that’s our utility setup right there okay the next system is for the guy that’s a swing priori you’re getting your switch rod you want to look like schedule master out there right you want to send that fly all the way to the other side of the river and it’s a big furry nasty way to leech type pattern you’re going for big trout steelhead maybe even chin up your priority is swinging that’s what you’re going to do you want to have that nice enjoyable fake ass simple we’re going to put a Skagit head on there this happens to be a Skagit max short it’s a floating Skagit head it’s easy to cast for beginners but also performs a very high level for your advanced anglers behind that I happen to be holding an LPS D Olympic Peninsula Skagit tactics laser line that’s a monofilament running line this adds twenty percent to your distance right there just for having monofilament running line so we put this system together for the swing priority set up at red it also has a Rio Skagit technically Skagit motive sink tip that comes with it we include one of these forever setup that we go with later on you’re probably going to have a pocket full of these so that you have your prepared for every angling situation we’re going to make sure that rods and reels were ready when cinematical that’s your swing priority setup lastly this is for the angler that just wants to go do some em fishing like crazy and have the best possible advantage on the fish we’re going to put us Rios which line on there it’s got a longer head it men’s grade gives the angler tons of control at distance so you can reach out into the toughest portions of the river to fish and still get a good drag free drift using that 11 or even 11 and a half foot switch drive your mens are amazing with this line we do throw a spade versa leader in here I want to emphasize it the switch line it does not shoot and spay cast great it will do it though and you can also cast this overhead a little bit we do throw in a spade versa leader with this so that you could do a little bit of space swinging with this setup as well especially throwing smaller flies with this versa later you still can do some swinging with the indicator priority system we also put a Rio nymph leader in with this to make sure that you’re fully prepared to go out do some indicator fishing with your swift rod so those are the three setups that we sell on all switch rods out read supply shop we make it very easy to purchase you can jump online you can shop and just know that these are going to come setup to your house with a just add water just add water mentality so thanks we’ll see you read supply shop calm baby see you on the water


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