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13 Fishing Concept Z Freshwater/Saltwater Baitcasting Fishing Reel


Price: $122.99
(as of Sep 22,2020 05:04:11 UTC – Details)

13 FISHING CONCEPT Z LOW PROFILE BAIT CASTING REEL. The first ever high-performance casting reel manufactured with zero ball bearings. With casts that defy gravity and everything else, the Concept Z utilizes American made CZB (Concept Zero Bearing) polymer technology to deliver shocking results. This reel cast lures significantly farther than reels with traditional ball bearings. The CZB technology makes the Concept Z quiet, effortless, and controllable. Once you hook up, the 22 lb Bulldog drag and Japanese Hamai cut gearing do the rest, all you have to do is turn the handle. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: – 13 Tech Eva Handle Knobs; – 6 way Centrifugal Breaking System; – Arrowhead Line Guide; – Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate; – Dead Stop Anti-Reverse.

HIGH PERFORMANCE REEL – This bait casting reel casts significantly farther than reel with traditional ball bearings.
CORROSION PROTECTION – This light fishing reel constructed using Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater Protection Process to fight corrosion.
6-WAY CENTRIFUGAL BRAKING SYSTEM – The 6-way centrifugal braking system allows to adjust the 6 pins of the braking system from under the beetle wing sideplate.
HD ALUMINUM FRAME AND GEAR SIDEPLATE – Both the frame and gear sideplates of the Concept Z are made out of aluminum, making it incredibly lightweight yet durable against the elements and strong enough to handle large fish.


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