Home Fishing Tips 05_2019 | Fishing in a Polar Vortex | FULL EPISODE

05_2019 | Fishing in a Polar Vortex | FULL EPISODE

05_2019 | Fishing in a Polar Vortex | FULL EPISODE

flea farm presents John Gillespie’s waters and woods Fleet Farm the ultimate fishing headquarters welcome to John Gillespie’s waters and woods it’s dangerously cold out here but the perch bite is red-hot on Lake Winnebago yes folks this recent arctic blast that we’ve been experiencing here in the Midwest has really helped shore up our ice on some of our lakes and Lake Winnebago is finally safe and we’re with captain Matt Merten and by safe I mean safe for ATVs and still to take caution yeah ATVs and snowmobiles no trucks yet I recommend guys hiring a guide if they want to try this ice fishing for the first time because it’s tough to find out where to go it’s a lot of water and a lot of water doesn’t hold fish in just a little bit of it does so it does it does help to have some knowledge with you and I’ll tell you what folks I’ve known Matt about three four years now he is the best out here you guys your group of guys that ice fish out here are outstanding and that’s cuz you move in your you experiment right yep lot of moving a lot of drilling holes well we’ve got a big cold front what do you think buddy we’re gonna we’re gonna see what we can do but you text me we’re gonna have to work today yeah yeah it’s not gonna be a slam dunk but we’ll get our fish alright hey folks the show we’re using and now we’re using it all of that coming up right after this introducing the new rise float suit with Motion Float technology breathable waterproof secure and all the features that make the difference waterproof cell phone pocket rapid drain system and maximum flexibility fish with security in the rise float suit from IceArmor by Clam rise above clam outdoors pursue the ice the all-new Yamaha Wolverine x2 purpose-built for exploring tight technical terrain and boasting next-level versatility no other side-by-side delivers this level of proven opera performance the all-new Wolverine x2 from Yamaha hey welcome back folks as I mentioned at the top of the program on Lake Winnebago with captain Matt Burton and Matt it’s not just walleyes out here what can we catch oh there’s schools a perch roaming around there’s white bass saying a few crappie okay what do you recommend for baits now do you start out with a spoon type beat like we’re looking at right now yeah spoon is always my go-to from there then we’ll make go to the swim baits or a flutter spoon or something like that hey Jason’s gonna start our day off oh dude that’s a nice perk that is a very nice perch so let’s see if I can grab that lip on there is that what you guys have been catching out here I want a bagel yeah we get quite a few of them out here all that size tool now when you’re using your locator what was he doing on the bottom or what right on bottom yes and that’s on a small spoon so that’s the deal yep yep small spoon with a couple spikes there we go we just caught a decent perch over there there Jimbo yeah oh that’s a nice one Jim hold them up nice and high you know it is really great to see these perch back in Winnebago isn’t it oh it’s great has it been good in the summer too yeah wasn’t too bad this year well that’s a dandy and you’re gonna clean them for me half and just sitting there maybe the fight is starting cause it’s getting windier and colder you know and you know folks the deal out here on Winnebago no size limit and these are the tasties right these they are definitely the best yeah and you know time and they make a difference out here at all didn’t think ah sometimes but you know sometimes you’ll hit those midday you know feeding windows and they’ll just go crazy for you know half-hour hour something like that so I’ll tell you what that’s red hot Jim over here again we just caught a nicer decent walleye over here sit on your clan bucket here buddy and kind of lip that guy that’s a pretty perch I wonder if the middle head is the secret they seem a little head yeah aren’t those beautiful Lake Winnebago perch okay Travis you’re marking him now what do you do bring it up I just wake a little bit we watch for that by John and when the tip just goes it sometimes you’re really sit still with it I just wait for them to do the work well let’s see we got here we got ourselves Doozers okay but yeah that is the key out here especially on a cold front day like today you get him to come up you mark him and what do you do again I just give him a little bit of a wiggle especially with the blade with the bait say we’re using the Apollo I got a hyper arrow on this one just a little wiggle is all I needed for the action it gives a little tapping here we are well folks it’s our second day on Lake Winnebago and we couldn’t fish yesterday why twelve inches of snow yeah and it was blowing and the roads were basically impossible yeah the weather’s not much better today folks so we got wind chills of about 35 below zero don’t we yeah but we’re still out here well we got to finish the show but I got good news for you today and what’s that captain Matt mertens ice guiding service has a permanent Shack yeah I’ll tell you what dude I wouldn’t want to fish anywhere today without a permanent Shack and this is for your clients usually right here do you know what I found interesting the other day was the size of the purse that we were catching here on Winnebago they’re back aren’t they well yeah I think we’re at the top of our of our population here we go man I got one buddy II and ooh little walleye to start today actually that’s interesting Matt’s got one on oh I wonder if it’s another little walleye like I just got mad let’s see what we got coming in here ooh that is a beautiful perch and you know Matt we were out in South Dakota a couple of weeks ago that’s the same sized perch we were getting out there we have him right here on Winnebago yeah nice little fatties yeah nice and high I mean that’s a beautiful fish and you know I I guess it was about 20 years ago and I used to come up here and catch him you know it hasn’t been that good until now huh yeah maybe about five or six seven years ago there was they were plentiful and now they’re coming back again is that fun or what so much fun all right let’s see while I are isn’t that gorgeous tell the folks how many fish were marking on to at least four yeah they’re not aggressive which is can be really frustrating because you want the business all bite but you know you’ll get that one that attacks aren’t those gorgeous so I mean you know seriously Blake we were in South Dakota and those are every bit as big and Winnebago of course is only an hour drive for Milwaukee an hour and a half for Chicago’s perfect and this is is this not luxury fishing in here oh yeah it’s so cozy oh hey look that guy if you can and show the folks that this is the quality of the the fish that we’re getting here and for folks that are watching us on TV where I actually did a Facebook live that’s why we’re kind of repeating ourselves but is that average matters that above average this is actually just a little bit on the low side well that’s actually there gorgeous gorgeous fish perfect eater yeah and no seriously get a butter knife lay off that man perch are my favorite and you got a special recipe for those anything no you really can’t there is serious blank help me out oh and again I mean Matt I just can’t believe the quality of that’s got one that’s another gorgeous fish now Matt and you’re gonna be in a quandary when the walleye start biting how do you leave these perch along that’s why I’m that’s why I’m not too sure where the walleyes are right now cuz I’ve been doing this this is so much fun well I mean again you know I go back to the early 90s I haven’t seen quality fish like this in years and and this is gonna last all winter buddy yeah I would say yeah and then as we get into whenever you mix in some big white bass and crappies and walleyes with your guide service that’s what yeah we usually know where there’s a school of white bass or walleyes also in the perch Matt doesn’t even have that one I don’t blame you for getting excited and you know the faster with perch folks they’re a schooling fish and if you can keep a beat down there they’re gonna help keep the school around and a lot of times to is they’re not marking fish pound that bottom and that were exactly that yeah put some poof’s of sand and then that attracts them that one was more aggressive what happened that at least four of them and this one swam up really fast and I want to go back though and again folks it’s its windchill a 35 below zero outside I didn’t think these fish would be that aggressive today when they Matt’s got eleven Oh are you surprised at how aggressive these fish are with this cold front man a lot of times on cold weather pretty good sometimes a cold snap really mm-hmm well I would I would love to have fished in that blizzard yesterday but my wife wouldn’t let me take Blake out when those roads that bad but they actually will bite during the blizzard to won’t stay out here yes sometimes that’s it’s amazing I’m just impressed these are quality fish buddy we’re fishing Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh Wisconsin a one and a half hour drive from Milwaukee two and a half hours from Chicago and four and a half hours from Minneapolis blend groom from AMSOIL here and we’re talking about diesel fuel additives many people ask me does amaz oil have product for diesel fuel well we do and today I want to talk about our all-in-one additive it takes care of everything that you need in one dose it cleans it lubricates it boosts your cetane and it also keeps the fuel from gelling up in the cold so you take care of basically all the needs in one dose check out the back of the bottle for the proper dosage for your tank and for more information on any of our fuel additives check out Amazon calm no matter what you’re chasing on the ice this winter Acme tackle has you covered from the innovative hyper glide and hyper rattle series to legendary cast master rattle master and Sidewinder spoons or the all-new professional-grade tungsten series act we tackle has what you need visit Acme tackle com2 check out our full product assortment acme tackle rattles louder slides further and grow get hooked up with acne tackle from it’s gonna be a snowy day season two this baby can handle it season Fleet Farm has everything you need because right now it’s make sure I’ve got traction season let’s get this house toasty season break out the shovel again season time to bundle up season and of course did someone say fish fry season Fleet Farm is built for every season Fleet Farm built for real life taking a break in the fishing one of my favorite events and probably the Midwest biggest ice fishing event battle on Dana’s coming up February 22nd and 23rd Todd some great prizes this year right yep we got two trucks two boats $275,000 worth of prizes all all total that’s incredible when you’re talking about those kinds of prizes and everybody’s got a chance to win the way you structure this event is how for the prizes it’s random so 1st place is 2019 dollars and then it goes on down from there the first truck is a 150th place and I believe the second truck is something where around 3,000 plays which gives everybody a chance to win which is really cool and folks this is really a family event up here in Oshkosh you guys have a great perch fish fry up Friday night and you’re adding Thursday night to February 21st as a family deal yep so Thursday night we’re gonna open the tent up and we’re gonna have a band called the presidents should be a good time come on down we’ll have food catered in from cristianos pizza and that all starts to around 6 o’clock so for the guys that are down there pre fishing families from Oshkosh want to come down the 10th is heated so maybe wear a pair of boots but other than that it should be a lot of fun it’s gonna be a lot of fun again 21st is a party 22nd and 23rd our fishing days family event big cats everything else in Oshkosh and for more information than go to battle on ebay go calm down into the hole there to retrieve that one beautiful fish man and you know so if folks call you to ice guide and request perch that’s okay no problem yep if they can request walleyes are white bass too right I’ll tell them whatever whatever we have light and good at that time Oh marking several at a time let’s see Oh now Matt says these are small and I think those are absolutely the perfect dieter what do you think that Matt is that’s about eight isn’t it and that’s on the smaller side of the day right yeah nine inches or so you’re right it’s a perfect eater but we’ve been getting kind of spoiled with some of these ten yeah like that’s a small one that is a giant white bass Wow and and you know what those are we talked about it recently those are delicious and go stand by Matt once there Matt tell the folks what how you clean that you just take out what sat in the back strap basically yeah from the from the lateral line north we keep we keep this portion of it and then the dark red meat that’s right next to where the skin was yeah skim that off of there just so that your filet is all white and they are top-notch I tell you what they’re as good as any fish and they get a bad rap from people mainly because they don’t take care of them in the in the spring and summertime if you put them on ice right away and just take that back strap they’re wonderful aren’t they yeah you can’t let them get warm especially during the summer now Matt is that common the perch will be swimming along with the white bass too man is that common buddy yeah okay I mean that’s the smallest perch of the day after your big white bass dude I love catching these things what do you got something bigger oh there now see now you can catch the big ones and I catch the little ones hey man I want to mention to you know looking at the inside of your shack here folks want to come out and fish jumbo perch with you they don’t have to bring anything you got all the equipment got everything cause you need to do is bring us something to drink and maybe a snacks yeah I mean that’s nice you know your rods are set up for what you’re fishing for which is really nice so all they got to bring them something to drinking the snacks and a fishing license hold that one up nice Blake now slow down you know I enjoy the fish hey man come on over and hold yours up next to Blake’s I mean this is I mean yours is nice yours is nice but look at the size of Blake’s isn’t that a beauty that was too fun to catch as you guys can tell what was the deal on that bike well there’s a few of them that’s the same timaya there’s like 4 or 5 of them down there and how big is that one Matt is that pushing 12 gorgeous Wow get out here and enjoy this right Blake yeah and that’s fun to fish with isn’t it oh yeah I see the ball ooh my turn here this one feels pretty died bad at all look at that one Blake you know everybody’s laughing it everybody is laughing at my hat and you know this this is actually the isomer by clam baklava I think they call it but what are you laughing at that does that look better than the way I heaven but no I obviously I don’t need the whole face on the inside 35 below wind chill outside sit near the comfort kitchen bigoli that one folks I you know again everybody’s traveling does not as north and south dakota and you know we got this right here and Matt was saying before our had a really good cycle on what a bagel for perch right now if we get a couple of years out of this this is gonna be fun in the summer Matt your side of the place is catching bigger ones the nice side of the place here hey Blake though tell the folks if they have a nice big fish before this would be the perfect experience wouldn’t it oh it’s super easy to learn you know if you have any type of flash of the hummingbirds are super easy to learn right get the little cast master into some of these little wax worms and you’re ready to go folks breaking news from Fleet Farm take a look at this price on Berkeley try lean XL or XT just $4.

99 try lean XL try lean XT just $4.99 folks and I head out to fish I always stock up on my favorite bait mate fish attractants bail I just put that bait mate on man bait mate offers a complete line of fish attractants and convenient spray bottles for every angler and every species of fish they’ve got your big covered I also have the newest bait mate delivery system in my boat bait mate ultra live game fish dip simply flip open the lid and dip your bait for even application every time and it’s ideal for frequent casting I just dip that in the bait man you know that improve your chances of catching fish with bait mate fish attractants it just makes sense in addition to the ice seelix 5 & 7 family there’s a new model the all season model that comes complete with everything you need for ice fishing and for open water fishing in addition to your ice fishing shuttle that comes with a battery and a floating transducer will come a summer transducer along with a power cord and a gimbal mount for your time in the boat the ice helix 7 for 2019 also has networking capabilities so when you’re on the boat and summer you can take advantages of iPilot link360 imaging and data sharing across your network getting more out of a unit from winter to summer folks when you’re out on the ice what do you guys think we need to have Johnsonville you got it right and today I’ve got Johnsonville better with Cheddar’s and you know what’s great about these guys is they’re precooked this is premium smoked Johnsonville sausage and what they do at the factory is loaded up with the Wisconsin cheddar cheese and again they’re precooked I hope you don’t mind I’m turning them with my fingers but we don’t have any other utensil out here well awesome aren’t those great yeah taste that cheese Wow yeah look for Johnsonville better when Cheddar’s folks at your favorite grocer today white birch Burt ooh that’s a dandy look at that folks kind of lip them there yeah that’s the best way to really get an idea on the size of these fish and this hasn’t been non-stop I mean it goes in waves and you catch four or five and then you rest for a little while that’s a beautiful fish man isn’t it I think what they’re doing is they’re just making circles and you just you know spend a little bit of time wait and as soon as they come in you make a and then they wait for the next lay up pull them out I mean really in that gorgeous I mean that’s gorgeous anywhere in the country look at that fish it’s a beaut that is gorgeous today that’s right and not much movement right oh no you just kind of jiggle it and then when you see one yep keep it still and then they’ll smack over you marking that one were you marking in before yet yeah it was just a one fish that came in oh man that is a gorgeous gorgeous fish buddy look at the size of the belly on that thing too and you know Matt I know people are gonna want to come and do this with you do you have any openings yes they do do you have plenty of them and you got another guy that works with the other if you’re Betty yeah we can handle bigger groups too if we had to do 8 or 10 people we can we can accommodate I don’t know what this is man I might need some help here buddy Wow holy cow that’s what we were just talking about hey can you hold that up for the folks there no come on that’s a gorgeous fish man that is an eel pout and folks I will tell you what that and you see if you watch the show for any amount of time you know how much I love those that back strap on there is freshwater cod isn’t it bad yes and it’s the most delicious piece of meat you’ll ever see right yep and and I want to tell the folks that later in the year you actually will guide for these and folks you can keep as many as you want right Matt and they’re and they’re absolutely the best eatin fish in the world right nice and high and yeah if you can and I want the folks to see just how beautiful they are isn’t that pretty look at how he’s got a little tail going there I hope it’s not an eel pout he came in pretty hard feels pretty good maybe it’s white that’s a beautiful perche right there is yeah and I got that eel pot I though I but that no i actually mad at three or four come through there that one was aggressive another gorgeous perch man mansueta there we go we gotta tell the folks and here he is that’s a nice fish now Matt even in these shacks we’ve already moved once today it’s not that difficult for you to move so when you have clients they just sit in here when you move the shack up to a new spot yeah it seems to be the most comfortable way to do it is keep the door shut keep everybody warm and especially when we’re on perch we’re not making a very very big move captain Matt Merton guides Lake Winnebago on a daily basis for more information give Matt a call that phone number is nine to zero four one zero two two zero six four one zero two two zero six the future of boating is here now get all the thrilling performance of an Evinrude e-tec g2 in the new 150 175 in 200 horsepower bass fishing is fun but half of these tournaments is like a boat race trying to beat everybody down the lake and with that evident eating g to its center on a corvette that thing is passing everybody all the best-in-class torque of the Evinrude e-tec g2 is now available from 150 to 300 horsepower this is a hole at 11 the Jeep is awesome to learn more visit evidence calm you know folks this is the best time of year to get a great deal on a boat and our two recons our 21 footers are for sale right now and these are really well equipped boats aren’t they yeah John they are they’re both 21 85s and of course we’ve got the 300 horse 715 horse kicker we’ve got four helixes on there and we’ve got the Altera and talons so they’re decked out there they’re decked out for trolling as well so yeah everything track systems and the whole nine yard perfect all specie boat folks and for more information then go to recon boats calm what is it again it’s recon volts.

com recon boats calm no really folks this is a good deal that’s the best perch fishing I’ve had in Wisconsin in a long time man and we did it when it was blowing 30 miles an hour outside and the windchill is about 40 blow show the folks who we caught here today I mean this is just about four or five hours of fishing folks and look at that keep them coming there Matt Matt’s got everything you need for fishing rods reels all you gotta do is come out and when he moves when you move we don’t even have to get out of the shack it’s gorgeous right that’s the deal you keep us warm all day look at that beautiful mess of fish buddy that really really is thank you appreciate it I don’t mind the slime I do it and folks that is our show for today please join us next week I don’t know we’re gonna fish it we’ll find a place somewhere until it I’m John Gillespie hoping to see you and join John Gillespie’s waters and woods man fishin anatomically


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