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Top Tip Slow Fall Presentation I Will Raison’s Top Fishing Tips


Let’s fish there so always be … there we go there’s a fish I never had a sign there no bubbles nothing but by lifting that float and laying it in again and getting that natural fall all the way down that had literally been on the bottom for a matter of seconds and it was under and we’re into a fish Really taking my time even though that yellow hydro works perfectly with 0.10, .09, 08 hooklength’s it’s absolutely fine I’m in no risk of that line breaking whatsoever taking my time just a fantastic start to the session it is a skimmer actually which is good even when I’ve caught these big weights of 50, 60 pounds on the matches that I’ve won here you always get a few skimmers mixed in and I don’t know what it is with skimmers and F1s but they tend to really feed well together didn’t feel like a bream when I hooked it but for some reason bream and F1s go really well together fantastic fish nice young fish one of the maggots has come off but hooked perfectly in the top lip there that tiny little hook just nestled in there beautiful fish it just goes to show that fishing light isn’t just about F1s but it will get you more bites off fish like this and like I said I’ve um in the weights that I’ve caught here to win matches a percentage of those weights are bream so you can’t discount them totally they’re worthwhile fish you see that fish round about two pound you


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