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Hello, welcome to my channel, I am Mauro Ink and today we have a video that is more interesting, in this opportunity we will be discovering to El Dorado. An incredible fish that inhabits many rivers in the Argentine Republic. It’s a great fishing trophy and excellent prey for sport fishing. It is an incredible fish when it comes to fishing. If you are a dorado fisherman or you think about going fishing for the first time, do not move there this video is more interesting for you until the end, because we are going to be analyzing some tips incredible to improve the fishing, to know a little more about this fish and to discover a little more of the fishing seasons that have.So if you like dorado fishing do not move from there I followed this video until the end. Before entering fully into the video I will invite all those who did not subscribe to the channel to subscribe. That’s the way I have to know that you are on that side and you to find out every week when I’m taking videos new. So if you did not subscribe, Now walk to the little red button below, press it and do not forget to also press the blue bell.That way you will be warning every week at the time when new videos come out. Now we are going to enter fully into today’s video. Welcome again now if we are going to enter fully into today’s video. The first point I want to discuss with you is that it is the Golden. The golden one is a Caraciforme fish of great size, that lives precisely in the tropical waters of many rivers here in the Argentine Republic. To take into account why I say large size? because it is a fish that weighs more than 30 kilos and measures more than one meter in diameter. If you listened well, you can weigh more than 30 kilos and measure more than one meter in diameter. It is an extraordinary prey for any sport fisherman. Not only the fact of the size and strength that this fish has, but the struggle it provides. It’s extraordinary, it’s a fish gigantic and not only that but it is a great predator of the river.It is also called golden precisely because of the color it has, it is a very bright gold color in sunlight. It is also called the Tiger of the River precisely because of the large jaws it has, sharp teeth and the aggressiveness it has. It is an extraordinary fish to go fishing. The second point I want to analyze for you is what the dorados feed on: Precisely this fish is a hunter of schools of smaller fish. For example, tarpons, catfish, moray eels, eels, mojarras, Any smaller fish that inhabits the place where the dorado is found will very likely end up being the prey of this fish. Also to keep in mind, This fish often feeds on other golden or smaller doradillos, like the one that appears in this image. Incredibly, it is a predator of its own kind. To take into account the gold: it is the strength that it has in its jaw, how sharp your teeth are and also, no less, the rapid digestion that this possesses allows you to eat It only takes a while to digest what you ate and go back to hunting.It’s a fish extremely predator The third point that I want to analyze with you is precisely in the zones or places in the different rivers in which the golden one can be found. This fish usually lives in places where there is a very fast run. Mainly because of the oxygenation that water has in these sectors and also because it is an excellent hunting place. What do I mean by this? in fast currents usually, beneath these streams is vegetation or a stick. It is the ideal place where the dorado crouches or hides, precisely to attack any fish that passes through this current. It is a place extraordinary for the hunter or a hunter fish as in the case of dorado. These places are the main places that the die lives, but also the golden one has a great adaptability, allowing it to inhabit calmer waters shallow and places where we usually will not find it.There is no fish that offers the fight and the fight that gives the golden. Precisely it is an extraordinary trophy for any sport fisherman. Fishermen come from all over the world precisely to look for this fish. There is no fish that from that fight and that has the runs and jumps that has the golden, is an incredible fight and more taking into account that gold becomes a fish that weighs more than 25 kilos and measures more than one meter in diameter which makes it an extraordinary fighter. The fourth point that I want to analyze with you is precisely the reproduction of the dorado, this fish does not stop being incredible also in the reproduction Let’s analyze some important points: The first in which the breeding season or reproduction of the dorados is from September to November, only those months. Also keep in mind that the golden males live a maximum of 8 years and weigh up to 8 kilos at most.Not so the females. The females come to live 25 years and despite a maximum of 30 kilograms this is a big difference. When breeding males They court the female also making jumps out of the water, many times between the months of September and November we will be able to observe in any river in Argentina, in which the Dorados live, many Dorados jumping from the water and precisely this is a courtship that the males do towards the females. Fertilization in the dorados is external precisely the female is going to be the one who puts the eggs in a place on the river that is not very fast and is not very deep. The female is going to lay around 250,000 eggs. Yes, you heard that right 250,000 eggs that between three and five males will go to fertilize. After fecundating these eggs at 24 hours they will form small fingerlings.These alevinos, in the first hours, are going to feed on their yolk sac. Then they will begin to consume or feed on small organisms. After a few days of life, cannibalism begins between groups, they are precisely beginning to eat each other. This awakens the carnivorous instinct of these fish. Also to bear in mind that not many dorados reach the adult stage to be able to reproduce and this makes it very important to return when fishing these fish. It is very important to return this fishing resource so that tomorrow we can all find fish in the different rivers we visit. To do or practice correct returns, I’ll leave this video that will seem up here. Do not stop watching this video It is fundamental for those fishermen who practice the return or who intend to return the fish when it comes to fishing.Here you will find in a very clear way, the correct way to return the fish and make sure that they live after the return. The fifth and last point that we are going to analyze in this video is going to be How to Fish with Golden Flies: Precisely what are the points that must be analyzed and taken into account to bring the right equipment to fish this fish. The first thing that needs to be analyzed is whether the fish or the dorados that we are going to fish they will have a weight between two and four kilos knowing that we can carry a team # 5 or # 6. Precisely we can take a fly team number # 5 or # 6. Now if the fish that we are going to go fishing they weigh more than 6 kilos, it is advisable to carry larger equipment, carry equipment # 8 or # 9.This is the first step when analyzing what kind of fish we are going to fish for. We must also bear in mind that the line we are going to use, taking into account the dorado fishing, it will be sinking line mainly because the places that inhabit the gilded ones, in their majority are dark rivers, are dark waters, then what we are going to use are going to be sinking lines and by the currents some fast sinking lines. Precisely to achieve depth quickly and achieve to put the fly in front of the fish very quickly. Also to take into account the size of the flies: it is not ideal to take huge or very large or very heavy flies. Why do I say this? because many fishermen who go fishing dorados carry 25 centimeter flies, which is outrageous. It is not necessary to carry such large flies. Ideal for fishing dorados, are flies of between 8 and 10 centimeters and not too heavy as if they were a lead. Ideally, the weight should have the sinking line and not the fly that we are going to use.Taking into account also the places that inhabit the dorado here in Argentina, most of the rivers are dark rivers, like for example the parana river, the paraguay river and the red river are all dark rivers and this also determines the type of fly we are going to use. For these places the advisable thing is to use flies of certain colors, like for example: flies of black and orange colors black and red black and yellow a black and green fly, those are striking colors.But they have to be flies not very large, no more than between 8 and 10 centimeters long and ideally it is not very heavy, precisely that the weight the line and not the fly. That’s going to make it easier to throw the fly and get the line out of the rod. A very important point to have in account when it comes to fishing for dorado, is the leader that we will use.Bear in mind that gold has very sharp teeth and a very strong jaw. What is going to make any habitual or common leader that we take to fish cut it. So what you have to do is add the leader that we use Generally, a piece of steel wire. If a piece of about 25 centimeters of steel wire and there tie the fly. This is fundamental so that it does not cut us at the moment of taking the fly and we can fight the fish.Also keep in mind that this piece of steel is going to wear out as we go fishing, then you have to go changing it during the fishing day. All these details that must be taken into account in terms of the leader and the tippet we are going to use When it comes to fishing for golden fish, you can find it in this video that I am going to leave here. Do not stop watching this video, they will find a lot of information as for the leader and tippet necessary for fishing for dorado and other fish. Do not stop watching this video. Very well we come to the end of this video I hope you liked it, that you found it interesting.If so, I’ll invite you to put it like here below. If you have any questions or you want to say something, you can also do it right here below in the comments. And finally he invited all those who did not subscribe to the channel, to subscribe. That is the way that I have to know that you are on that side and you to find out every week when I am taking out new videos So if you did not subscribe, before the little red button here you press it and do not forget to also press the blue bell. That way you will be warning every week at the time when new videos come out. No more invitations, thank you very much for having been there and see you next week with a new video. .


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