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Ice Fishing During an Extreme Cold Warning.


As you guys saw and it’s an extreme cold warning it is a polar vortex up here in Canada not something I ever want to go ice fishing in but sometimes You just you need to go ice fishing so bad to loan any conditions today I’m gonna give you guys some tips for fishing in the coldest of colds some basics. It’ll help keep you warm Keep you safe. But for now, we’re head out of the ice road on Lake of the Woods We’re fishing just near the ice rotating We’re not gonna go anywhere far away on a cold day like this if you get in trouble you could die Not exaggerating things can go bad If I would have if it have been this cold when I went to the backcountry lake with Blaine and Justin It could have been very bad. But today we’re staying near the ice roads So if something goes wrong, we have cell service people can easily pick us up But we’re gonna drive out we’re gonna get some Lakers walleyes perch.I don’t like an hour to fish. So here we go And for now, we’re gonna use Navionics app. We’re gonna try to figure out where we want to fish and We’re gonna score some fish Like ice fishing is good at the start and at the end but there’s not window in the middle at that January February timeframe Where it kind of sucks, and we’re we’re getting into that time frame But a man’s got to go fishing. So here we are that Sun is getting Awfully low, so I’m gonna hold his gear out. I found a hump on Navionics is a little bit north of the road here And we’re gonna get fishing. I’m not gonna film too much just because I’m working on survival right now and getting set up for night bites.So here we go. I’m gonna start popping holes of the electric Check tap. I don’t mean 30 feet on have a chance of Laker and a wall I saw Ya No, I’m still rolling guys we found 30 feet of water over here 150 so it’s a good break We’re getting the shot separated fish for an hour Hopefully makes the magic happen All right, so the first thing you want to know when this is just add more of a shock buying tip But not all shocks are created equal this flip over Shack has like thermal material.It’s like an insulated insulated material. They’ve Pretty much all the grads have an insulated version now But if you’re not carefully Co the shocks on sale two hundred bucks, you buy it It’s a thin material and it doesn’t keep the heat This stuff is incredible keeping to the heat keeping the heat to the point that you need to make sure your ventilation so Load a Shack the best built in the top here But a good way to just get it warming up a lot quicker is pack that snow around the outsides I’m gonna take a shovel. I’m gonna pull the the skirt out. It’s called what a pack snow on top It is gonna get roasting in here. They’re gonna start fishing because we’re running at the time Alright, so here’s what I’m talking about. See that skirt. I’m just gonna pull it out I’m gonna pack some snow on top of that. You would not believe how much of a difference that makes And now it’s gonna get roasting hot in there now we’re actually or actually gonna fish now geez, this is painful Fluke Buckshot spoon, so I’ll probably do one dad’s taking one active rod.I just want to catch some walleyes for dinner I’m a disaster I’m a disaster. I do not deserve a fish today. That’s for sure The bomb is moving like there’s a fish That’s coming up sure I’d like to start with the fish right away, that’d be nice it’s coming up to look at it Oh Got bigger than I thought Yeah a little bit. Oh, he’s all over me. Oh, oh Yeah, oh, oh Wow Gosh that was instant Fish has some weight. Holy smokes. Oh, it’s tangled in the other one Look on the bail. Oh I have no idea what we have. I hope it’s on a pike Instant first drop Don’t you dare take my Jake don’t you dare take my jig I will kill you. Oh Just destroyed everything. Oh man Well, there you have it folks Stephen get this tangle fixed Whatever hey place your fish leasers fish got to stay positive But oh did I do a number They like the Buckshot spoon The key with tangles is to get really angry and just to start pulling and it just usually comes free That’s what I found No, I’ve already done some videos talking about cameras but Hey, you don’t need a crazy setup.Like I’m just filming two GoPros right now in that audio thing you can do the same thing with one and and audio even now in the shack other than the buzz of my broken flasher like You could get away with just a GoPro. There’s no wind noise. That’s the nice thing about filming in a shack So it’s like if you don’t the money to buy a mic Just film on the shack So even though I layered up and I have all this clothing on when I came out you might be like oh Why would I bring all that if I’m just gonna fish my Shack? Well, if something goes wrong, then you know, you want to be wearing it Obviously if your truck breaks down on the side and then beyond that Maybe you want to fish outside of it and then you at least have that option But you’ll never kick yourself for bringing too much clothing.I Never thought that on a trip. Oh my milk rate. Oh Here’s fish here’s fish this one looks good. He looks hungry. Yep. Got yellow big big hole Oh A fish came in so fast. Come on, please. Please. Give me another chance Let’s chip my tooth. I’m hitting myself in the face that hurt Oh Oh, oh he’s back he’s back he’s back he’s back, please Always fucking big come on. I’m nervous for this one. It’s just I’m big. Oh, yeah. Yeah Whoa that fish had to play with for a while. It’s not as big as I thought but We’re on maybe walleye maybe dinner nice, that was not nearly as big as I thought but Primetime has started have fish just child the Buckshot spoon gong We’re gonna throw it outside and it will freeze At the mark now the mark another mark, oh Wow that was weird you lift it up into that Hooked up again guys. This is good for how long I been out here.I am quite happy Well ice road evening fish. Oh, yeah, we’re eating good tonight Number two Is turning on just give me a Laker and call it a day Man they’re aggressive. This is good. I’m sorry. There’s no flasher cam guys. It’s just Today was not my day Another one I was not looking Look at that guy’s Awesome Perfect perky. Oh man, that’s a good wallet. I was going back The Sun is uh Past the horizon. I’m still hoping for that Lake trout but three nice walleye that’s wrong with that a little fish ride home a Little cooking. I have a walleye recipe. I want to show you guys and I think that’ll help fill out the video a little bit. I think it’s I think it’s kind of weak right now So we’re at a little teaching We’re gonna do It’s gonna be a surprise. Oh wait till I get in the kitchen Thank you guys for staying on the ice with me in the cold Next stop kitchen. We’re meeting some walleyes Made it back welcome to Sam’s kitchen Hi Sam So I’m just clean the kitchen today, and she said that it has to be spotless by the time we’re done So I said the only way to ensure that is if you help me cook, give us a breakdown on what’s going on today Day one out in Minus 30 something weather and he caught us a couple of walleyes gorgeous And then he made a trip to the store and got us some bacon Oh, okay I’ll put the b-roll in and then he’s going to teach me how to make bacon-wrapped walleye skewers There you go.This is most of my recipes. I learned guiding at various lodges when you eat fish every day You need to learn different ways to cook fish. So I’ve done stir fry Which I’ll show you guys yet. Now, we’re doing some bacon-wrapped walleye shish. Kabob skewers they’re going to be incredible Many more ideas to come yet, but for now while he’s wrapped in bacon, you can’t really go wrong All right, I’m not gonna go too in depth with how to cut a walleye there’s many videos showing you how to do it We’re gonna cut these up or get them into little little cubes.We’re gonna wrap and bacon But before we do that, we’re gonna batter them. So first thing we cut up some fish Sam noted when I was cutting these up. She’s like, why are the chunks so small? Why aren’t the walleye transfigure? Well, the thing is you cut them too thick They won’t cook nicely and evenly cuz you got to cook that bacon around it and to the middle of the walleye So no one wants to eating rockfish. So that’s why I cut them a little bit smaller But Fisher cut we got bacon We got peppers. We got mushrooms. We got bourbon history of onions first thing We’re gonna do crack a couple eggs down a little egg wash going for the fish We’re gonna batter it and then we’re gonna put all the shish kebab.All right can a couple eggs like a pro? I need a whisk All right eggs done Fish and the egg Mix it around We’re doing like chef’s table stuff going on here. And then we’re just gonna coat each individual piece We’re going to cut the bacon half because you don’t need the bacon that big Can I cut on this plate? That’s fine. Got the okay from the white cut on the plate All right Bacon’s can half Now it’s gonna be hand off and Sam is gonna be the skewering good. I am NOT taught her on this and She’s not good at sharp objects. She cut her hand on the cheese grater today, but she’s gonna make this happen All right Good step number one wash your hands now, you’re gonna grab a piece of fish and you’re gonna wrap it around the piece of fish Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah, you gonna put the skewer through? All right now got a pepper Peppers okay. Oh, this one will be for me pepper then mushroom and onion Leave a little space between them They don’t have to be like touching.Yeah. There you go So I’d say each one kind of like two or three pieces of fish actually good son. I repeat All right one last piece and we have a finished skewer. It looks okay now but it looks much better once it’s done, so I’m going to Set the camera up Your new time-lapse of Sam making the next 30 skewers and I’m gonna get some oil heating that what do you think Lex? You want to try eating her up? Bacon-wrapped mushrooms bacon-wrapped walleye bacon-wrapped onion bacon-wrapped mushrooms make everything a bacon is a Sam skewer That’s looking pretty good I think it’s gonna be good once we do pret Judy what do you think we made the skewers sounded fantastic? You know what? I didn’t think about is if these sticks are gonna be too long They’re gonna be too long with a bigger pan Them can we break them get some pliers and cut them.I’m gonna get my Bolt cutters good for cutting muskie hooks good for cutting shish kabobs We’re gonna chop both ends and is gonna fit into the pan Hole here that we got to cut them though. How many can we fit one more? That is starting to like that oil is hot We’re gonna put it back on the heat. I Want to make sure that they construct as well as potential is the important thing Anniversary Hey paper towel paper towel. Oh so Polly agrees. This is a healthy deep fry bacon What’s pretty good Just a little bit longer and you just want to get this part on film and I’m wiping up after myself and she’s cleaner And he didn’t even wipe all of the crumbs on to the Thank You husband in training all right skiers are coming out Probably gonna cook them a little bit less. All right next batch going in We’re gonna cook this next back a little bit less there sounds right there All right you guys the final step and this is what makes it late from a 9 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10 and It is the Biba cue solace we got some bullseye barbeque sauce.You could I don’t know you could use whatever But anyways, this is like this is my favorite part Here’s this pencil paintbrush. You just make one with the skewer you make one with the skewer Yes, it’s like you’re painting a mural Piece of fine art how good does that look? Alright Doesn’t have to be pretty guys Well, ah there you have Lake of the Woods freshly caught bacon-wrapped walleye skewers paired by Simon gee We are gonna eat all of these. Thanks for watching if you’ve any other recipes that you suggest let me know You’re getting really close to my face Am I going cross-eyed the viewers honest your pores.My nose pores are clogged. Thank you guys for watching Hope you enjoyed the catch and cook. Stay warm out there would be safe and Enjoy the polar vortex catch you next time Oh That hurts there are you okay? Yeah, it just feel like that’s how your videos .


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