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Giant Prehistoric Fish Surounded my Kayak – Destin Inshore Fishing


I’m getting ready put in down here by 331 bridge that’s why you’re hearing all the noise and the traffic. Pretty strong west wind today, so I want to get somewhere where I could be a little protected. I was out of point Washington it was just getting it up there so I came back here Thomas Pilcher Park is shut down right now so Figure those docks and stuff there might hold some fish, I’m gonna give it a shot we’ll see Well we’ll get see the damage that storm caused to Thomas Pilcher Park All right, now I’m beginning to see why Thomas Pilcher Park is closed For one there’s a huge, looks like a sailboat washed up I’ll stand up here in a minute so you can see Don’t wanna make a bunch of noise, fish are all up in here. Not sure exactly what those are Oh my God those are sturgeon, awesome Oh my god he just bumped into the boat, that thing is huge! Can you see that one right there? That’s a big one, see if we can scoot on beside him and get some more footage There goes another right here, another big one That is so cool Wow! think, is this one right here? There goes another one What started out as a bad day fishing ended up turning into an amazing experience This is another one of those times that just proves you don’t have to catch fish to have a great time fishing I’ve never seen a live sturgeon before let alone Dozens of them in the same place at once after speaking to a couple of the bait shops I really feel lucky to have gotten to experience this it’s not unusual They said to see sturgeon in the bay but to see that many congregated in one area is pretty rare especially in only three to four feet of water I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it and if you did Go, ahead and click the shark to subscribe and give it a thumbs up thanks for watching and until next time tight lines everyone


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