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FLY vs RUBBER LURES (Pike Fishing) ft. Fishingwithace


You see such an approach is about his full scheme in a piece a me as an extension because Dena Stefano Chinook my camel gratis me opals canopy see dyche’s much of comment on sir good morning ladies and welcome back to another episode today we’re located in the northern parts of all on here at buster hotel and cottages and today we’re gonna do the ultimate scientific test to see if the fly is better than the rubber lure this is up next yeah so the story is that yesterday we had a big storm all over the place so we had to go perch fishing is that we curative a lot to boat that means that the water has dropped from one week ago we had the 12 degrees in the water but now we have 6 degrees in the water so that means I will be doing the fight today I’m gonna pretend to be Nicholas Bower a little bit and see if my casting skills still belong after this many years without it I have my polish friend mr. Thomas Levin Tomsky from the Polish YouTube channel called fishing with ace and will be representing a rubber so you look forward for today to us yes so much I’m so pumped I can’t wait to fish home already so we’re gonna go through all the rules and stuff on the first place but now I really need to get there so let’s go so right now it’s in the end of October and we only have seven degrees in the water here so that means we’re gonna just drift slowly slowly slowly along the weed lines here and just hammer every single inch of this we line that we have right there no pontus use this before me is so that’s why I have to make it a little bit bigger yeah it was a shame pontus couldn’t join us but now I have to defend kanalgratis by winning this competition that we’re gonna have today so now I’m just gonna put in autopilot mode and we’re gonna then we’re gonna go 1520 meters outside of the wheel line and just hammer them down too much how are you going to beat me today I think I will start with the hooligan Road this crazy color I never seen something like that in Poland so so you have that rig on a shallow screw yeah we will fish extremely slow today and should be better without that you cut we’re gonna have a friendly competition but I also want him to get some fish today oh look at that good cast that’s the fun thing about fly-fishing that you get excited about a good cast and when you get a fish it’s even better it’s like too good to be true oh yeah like 80 maybe Oh destroy course yeah the strike was crazy it took like 15 minutes to get to the first yeah exactly then she inhaled that lower solve it here we go so we have 87 on the first fish what a stunning first fish of the day man after 15 minutes of fishing we thought it would be slow but the strike was really good she inhaled the polygon road thanks baby thanks for the fight and always catch and release beautiful thanks for the show yeah nice work man thanks deponent Oh Robert yeah now it’s time for the flight to deliver some action here well nine eighty seven centimeters what a first fish of the day I’m gonna see if roly-poly can make my day also the first place today was a success an 87 centimeter pike for thomas on the first stop we all know we have maybe one more bite but you know it’s time to go to new place and see if we see if we find any more pike and now what we’re gonna think of that we are going to try to search for the wind because at this time of the year even though we caught that fish in knowing to search for the wind is always we will find pike so now we’re gonna start for the win and hope for some fight tada just came here to the new place and always putting in the trolling motor there you go and I also found this little baby the cone for the cone head for the device so I can go down a little bit deeper that’s good because here we have three meters and some weed on the bottom this will be perfect there we go that’s the mana cast right there so the fishing today started off a little bit too good I suppose with the tommix nice 87 centimeter Pike right now we’re struggling a lot cuz we got wind but we got a little bit too much wind you can see we’re going on like this in the waves there’s really not much you can do now except for keep hammering I’m gonna change to a bit more like more of a baitfish imitation looks pretty clean if you ask me we’re gonna keep keep casting this weed line here until we find some fish I promise you that oh yeah official fizzle finally yeah oh yeah it’s okay it’s okay one Oh he inhaled oh he got on the road again look at that there’s no wait he swallowed another 80 centimeter oh it feels so good all the way down there man eighty-one it seems like the bigger ladies are out to play today yeah yeah have like only one small fish Overlord yep yeah yeah so only one small contact today the rest have been big bites and finally this nice mom over here once again the hooligan the roach it’s crazy that we get we’ve had like few just nibbling on the other baits and they just destroyed this one the colleague on the road yeah and especially only in that color also exactly it’s crazy it’s lemon clear blue lemon here blue lemonade yeah so cool or otherwise called Mila special I love that color it’s so good it’s time to release her 81 time to release that beautiful mom of yours so good for me my hands were freezing to death yeah so no you know when we finally know that there’s active fish in here it feels so good yes yes let’s go you have a no your turn now it’s my turn detachment you have 187 and 181 yeah so it doesn’t look that promising for me but I’m gonna fight until the bitter end yeah there’s no way no way just another cast no lemon idea so cool this on the third fish you need five cast Oh fine know that we’re waiting for a fish where I haven’t had a single bite so far and finally I hope one like 8090 fish and it comes off I just want to disappear what’s up so nice to do the Hooksett and all Jesus Christ all hard can it be like lines all over the place and I do pay my biggest respect to the fly anglers to do this day in and day out stand all the tangling in the line and just keep casting without starting to cry all the time like I do but it hurts all freaking much oh it’s like we’ve had the tactic you know the wind has been blowing all the way down here so should have moved all the fish to this part of this lake and sure it did and when it finally took the fly as I and I miss it but I guess that’s all a part of that fly-fishing game no matter what I did I never cracked the code on the fly today maybe I should have brought a blue one and a yellow will tail that would probably be be a good one but still the easy winner of today is team rubber what do you have to say about that to us we still have a couple of few more days here so the first pike fishing day was really awesome here but make sure to check out Tomas Channel fishing with ace up here and to subscribe on our Channel and then we’re gonna see you next time ladies so until next time ciao and I’m back at karate headquarters here in beautiful sunny but winter is calm I might not be the best of fishermen but I’m surely not that bad I mean I didn’t even catch a single fish but the day after I actually caught my second biggest fish of the year and that was super duper awesome if you want to check out that episode and all their other episodes we did from Tomas Tour to ΓΆland go and check out his channel and if you want to support us and you happen to have a fishing shop or you happen to know somebody that have a fishing shop and that might be interested in having these juicy looking lures fat nose hooligan the Lockean you name it make sure to drop an email to Dennis at kanalgratis si and we’ll take the details from there the last communication message a message of the day is that 5 vs.dirt is airing the 22nd of February and we have we do have polish subtitles for that so we’re super hyped for that and we hope you guys are as well so take care and we’ll see you at fly vs. York bye I was lost for one day with the fly rod now I’m healed .


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