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Fishing Tip: The Adjustable Drop Shot


Hello you two and welcome to my channel in this episode I will be giving you a tip to turn the standard drop shot rig into one of the most versatile rigs in your arsenal we will do this by overcoming the major limitation of the drop shot rig which is the time it takes to rear it whenever you want to adjust the length of the leader so if you want to learn how to turn your regular drop shot rig into an adjustable drop shot rig don’t go away it’s all coming right up in your standard drop shot rig you basically attach the thin wire hook to the line using a Palomar knot we all probably know that right then you leave some tag in and then at the end of that tagging this is where you attach your way unfortunately if you decide to change the length of this leader you have to basically undo the whole rig and do it again which can get pretty time-consuming if you do it multiple times a day and this is exactly where the adjustable drop shot rig comes in so to rig the adjustable drop shot rig you’re gonna need a set of barber stops you want it of course weight the thin wire hook and the bait that you want to use and the way you do it is instead of fixing the hook to the line through a Palomar knot what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna use barber stops so you take the first barber stop you feed it through the line right so now we have here the first barber stop then you slide the hook in this is where you would normally use the Palomar knot well we’re not gonna use any knots here you slide the hook next so what we have so far is basically a bobber stop a hook and then we’re gonna use another bobber stop we slide the second bobber stop slide it into the line and now your hook can get can stay in place finally we basically read our wait just like we always do so here we finalize putting the way we cut the excess line and basically configure the adjustable drop shot ready so what’s going to happen here when you hook a fish this hook is going to slide down towards towards the weight and this is a this is the key part of this rig you have to make sure that the knot that you used to fix the way to the line is a very good knot this is now what’s going to give strength to this whole rig the knot between the line and the weight is crucial now I know some people like to use this type of weights where you just slide the line through and you don’t actually tie any knots and so I would not recommend using this or if you decide to use this this type of weights then you wanna have to actually tie a knot to make the connection between the line and the weight to be really really strong so this is the adjustable drop shot rig as you can see if you decide to change leader length all you have to do is slide the hook to whatever to whatever you want without having to rear it so this is gonna save you a lot of time let’s say that you decide to to increase the length of the leader you just slide the hook up fish it and then if that leader length didn’t work for you you wanna maybe reduce it you just slide it down in seconds so rather than taking a couple of minutes maybe three four or five minutes to reread this whole thing you can just change you can adjust the length of your leader in the blink of an eye so there you have it guys this is the adjustable drop shot rig I hope this tip is useful for you if you like the video as always like and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one take care


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