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Feeding Two Maggot Swims Minimally| Will Raison Top Fishing Tip


Now what I’m gonna do now and the beauty is with these pots is you can vary how you feed so what I’m gonna do now again not going to count exactly around about twelve to fourteen maggots I’ve caught that fish on the right hand line and what I’m going to do now is go out onto the right hand line shake five or six maggots in then I’m going to go on to the left hand line but I’m not going to feed I’m going to give it a couple of minutes if don’t get a bite then the five or six maggots that are left in the pot I can shake on that line and go back on to the fed area to the right so what I’m saying is you know by accurate fishing nice and positive fishing using that slightly bigger pot you can actually leave a few maggots in the pot whilst you’re fishing another line so here we go this is the plan I’ve just caught a fish off the right hand line so I’m literally going to shake five or six maggots in on that line leaving a few maggots in my pot I’m gonna go onto my left hand line now I’m not going to shake them in to begin with I’m going to fish for two or three minutes and just see if there’s a fish over the bait that I tapped in there round about ten minutes ago if not I can feed and I can go back onto the right hand line and see if a fish has come to the bait that we’ve just put in one little tip if you’re gonna do this and it is a deadly way of fishing two lines is try and keep your pole pot dry because the minute that it gets wet the minute you dunk it in the water the maggots get wet and they’re going to crawl up the side of the pot and it’s going to be virtually impossible to keep the maggots in the pot on the line that you don’t want to feed yet you can see those maggots are still in the pot you can see the little shade of red in that pot where the maggots have stayed in there if I do get a bite and I’ll strike and the maggots come out I’m not too worried about that there’s only five or six maggots in there and if they go off at a slight angle it’s not a problem I know where I’m fishing I know where I’m actually going to be targeting those fish and if a few maggots do come out in a different area it’s not the end of the world if anything it’s creating a slightly bigger area for those fish to to graze over I don’t want loads of maggots in different areas I’ll try not to do it but if that float goes under I’m going to strike properly try and set that hook you


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