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EarthCare Minute – Environmental Ice Fishing Tips


Hi, I’m Stephen Monet, Manager of Environmental Planning Initiatives with the City of Greater Sudbury, and this is EarthCare Minute. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ice fishing this winter. Any garbage, ice hut construction materials, or other debris left on the lake can be hazardous for fish, boats, and water quality once the ice melts in the spring. This includes debris left over from campfires. Fires should be contained so they aren’t burning directly on the ice, and so ash and debris can be removed and disposed of properly.Go prepared with a portable toilet to keep human waste out of our waterways. Always empty your bait bucket on land at least 30 metres from any water. And think twice about taking your vehicle on the ice. Slush buildups contain road salt which also has detrimental effects on water quality. While ice fishing is a lot of fun, what’s yours to enjoy is yours to protect. EarthCare Minute. One minute is all it takes. Brought to you by the City of Greater Sudbury. .


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